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Beijing Nabaixin Technology Development Co., Ltd is located in the Haidian Hi-tech Zone. The company is open-minded as ocean, based on honesty and wants to be an immortal corporation. We will do our best to find a way to make the capability equals to the price and supply the most useful information industry production to customers.
We have cooperated with Science Academy of China and Tsinghua University for a long time. There is a group of hardware experts who have rich experience in the automation, embedded video analysis and systems analysis. Meanwhile, we have a powerful tech-supporting team. We devote to the industrial research and production of small civilian automation instrumentation, embedded video analysis system (including the face detection and recognition, pattern recognition, digital audio and video code technology) .The main products are people counter, embedded video analysis system, automated instrumentation, industrial automation control systems and so on.
Basing on power and principle, we believe that Nabaixin will be the first-level corporation in the area of automation. We are enthusiasm, stringent, confident, and we are willing to be a friend of all customers. Hope we can make progress together.

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